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They were best friends as na ve convent school girls Natalie betrayed by her true love settles for a rich and dangerous husband Sara her suburban security is shattered by a passionate affair Miranda beautiful but dangerously trusting of the famous writer whose scenario doesn TMt include a wife They had little in common except a childhood pledge they are called uponThey were best friends as na ve convent school girls Natalie betrayed by her true love settles for a rich and dangerous husband Sara her suburban security is shattered by a passionate affair Miranda beautiful but dangerously trusting of the famous writer whose scenario doesn TMt include a wife They had little in common except a childhood pledge they are called upon to keep.

  • Title: Girlfriends
  • Author: Consuelo Saah Baehr
  • ISBN: 9780330267182
  • Page: 200
  • Format: None
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    Girlfriends They were best friends as na ve convent school girls Natalie betrayed by her true love settles for a rich and dangerous husband Sara her suburban security is shattered by a passionate affair Miranda b

    Jaidis Shaw

    Best Friends by Consuelo Saah Baehr is the story of three girls who meet while attending St. Mildred's academy for girls. As most young girls do, they make a promise to each other to remain best friends no matter what, until things suddenly change when Sara unexpectedly has to leave the school because of her father's passing. The book jumps ahead to tell the separate stories of the three women who did not keep in touch as promised and how they have grown on their own as strong women. Even though [...]


    If I could give this book zero stars I would. I do not mind reading bad books for a guilty pleasure as long as I know from the beginning not to get my hopes up. I had high expectations for this book after the first few chapters, and then it turned into one disappointment after another. ***SPOILER ALERT!!!***. The main characters are shallow, cruel, cheap, adulterous women that you want dead by the end of the novel (besides the one redeeming character that, alas, does meet her demise). When wanti [...]


    This is one of those books that I almost didn't put up. I should have stopped at the prologue but I didn't and then I got sucked into the characters. There was definantly a lot of adultery and rated R scenes and very little about the friendships themselves. Very disappointing. Oh, and the ending did nothing to wrap up the stories and was depressing.

    Samantha Kossa

    Hard to connectI found the characters very hard to connect with, they all start out in a Catholic school but seem to grow up with no morals. Having gone to a Catholic school myself, I found it very hard to believe that not one of them in their adult life would question a God forgiving them their indiscretions. And while they may be portrayals of what could be actual people, I just didn't find any of them to be anything other than selfish and untrustworthy. I'm sorry, this one just wasn't for me. [...]


    Best Friends is about the lives of three girls who met at boarding school. The book chronicles their lives as adults. The story of each girl grown into a woman is engaging. I devoured the book. The writer filled the book with truisms about the hearts of people. The descriptions of people are so vivid that you recognize their personalities and idiosyncrasies immediately. I haven't been this sad to have a book end as when I finished The Help.One man is described as "never alone. seems to need crow [...]

    Rebecca Lockley

    This book was awful. Billed as a "Romantic Suspense", there was nothing romantic or suspenseful about it.***Spolier Alert***Three girls meet at a private school in New York when they are all in their early teens (as far as I can tell). But even that gets off to a slow start. The book changes perspective and jumps forward in the girl's timelines with no rhyme or reason. Finally, we reach the adulthood of the three girls and learn that they are no longer friends, but two of the girls find each oth [...]


    I scarcely know what to say about this book. When I came to the end of the story I had come to dislike every character in iteven some of the children. It began as a tale of three girls in a private school together and how they came to be connected with one another and then skipped ahead to look at their lives as adults. Having lost touch through all of those years, their stories once again merge together in a rather bizarre way. The books looks at the frailties of women - their hopes and dreams, [...]


    It took me almost a year to finish this book. I think that alone speaks to the book's ability to hold my interest. It was one of the strangest stories and the ending was just beyond ridiculous. You build us up through all this detail and personal connection and then the ending is just ahh. But I guess in many ways the ending reflects the premise of the book and one woman being able to attract such luck, beauty, and joy and those wanting to be near her doing anything for her just to be in her com [...]

    Marcia Adversalo

    This was a free book for my Nook. I thought it sounded interesting and so I gave it a shot. I think there was a little too much random dysfunction in this book for my liking. However, I found that I was curious about what would happen next. At the point that I had really gotten into it and didn't want to put it down, it came to a sudden and unsatisfactory ending. I had to double check that it really was over. I don't have to have a happy ending to be happy, but I do like there to be an endingme [...]

    Klaudyna Z.

    I feel like none of the characters in this book were likeable. I feel like all of them betrayed everyone they loved just for short term gratification. The only one who I feel actually thought about how her actions affect others was Miranda. I felt like this book was hard to follow sometimes and that there were way too many characters. Needless to say, I don't understand why this book was called best friends because they were barely even friends, even in the beginning. I would not recommend this [...]

    Jean Browne

    This book begins with friendships made in high school between three girls who pledge to always look out for each other. Of course, life gets in the waye author details marriages, affairs, family and children and loves lost with suspense, intrigue. This was a great book; hard to put down because I really cared about these women. It is a fast read and a good beach book; women that you care about to the end.


    The jury is still out on this. I WANT to like it. I keep getting the characters confused or loosing track of who they are and flipping backwards in a Kindle isn't as easy as in a book. My frustration level is topping out because either my comprehension level is at low or it is the book. I'm going to set it aside and try again later. Maybe when I have a full afternoon to laze around and just read, it may be that this isn't a pick up for an hour and put down book?


    I tried so hard to like this book but I just couldn't ever get into it. I felt like there was a lot of plot information missing and not enough character development for certain people. I found myself liking Sara and Miranda but pretty much couldn't stand anyone else in the story. I felt really upset at the ending especially because there was no closure to the story. It just ended abruptly and crazy.


    I really didn't like this. It was too slow moving for me, I couldn't hold my attention with itd it felt like I was being forced to read it. I stopped reading after about 10% in. I wasn't able to connect with the characters, I found they weren't likeable, and that there was just TOO much detailok too much time for anything to happen.

    Starla B

    I was not a fan of this story. Pretty much all the characters were horrible and selfish. There was one character I actually liked, but that was not enough for me to like this story, especially given the ending.


    What is it with me and picking these books that have a really interesting characters, a pretty decent story line, and a terrible ending?I enjoyed this book, it was a good story, the characters were well thought, but the ending SERIOUSLY left me completely disappointed.

    Kimberly Minor

    A little disappointed with the way it ended.


    The story of three best friends and the men they love.


    I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoyed her others, but the characters are intricate and believable.


    I love it!! I could'nt put it down!


    boring! couldn't finish itgood thing it was free so I didn't waste any money, must my time :)


    Hated the ending.I wanted to know what happened to everyone. Thought the book spent too much time wandering through the girls feelings.


    this was one book that i thought i would never finished. doesn't pick up until the last few chapters.


    This book was a little harder to get through than I had expected but it was a decent read overall with complex, unique characters and an easy writing style.


    MehHard to get through. Kind of a hodge podge story. Will not read this author again, or recommend to friends

    diane giles

    Very touching storytruly enjoyed the story of three woman who met as girls and had parallel lives and then brought back together again in a very different twist of fate.

    Jennifer West


    Judy Averitt

    This book was ok but not wonderful.

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