Jun 04, 2020
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Theo is better now.She s eating again, dating guys who are almost appropriate, and well on her way to becoming an elite ballet dancer But when her oldest friend, Donovan, returns home after spending four long years with his kidnapper, Theo starts reliving memories about his abduction and his abductor.Donovan isn t talking about what happened, and even though Theo knows shTheo is better now.She s eating again, dating guys who are almost appropriate, and well on her way to becoming an elite ballet dancer But when her oldest friend, Donovan, returns home after spending four long years with his kidnapper, Theo starts reliving memories about his abduction and his abductor.Donovan isn t talking about what happened, and even though Theo knows she didn t do anything wrong, telling the truth would put everything she s been living for at risk But keeping quiet might be worse.

  • Title: Pointe
  • Author: Brandy Colbert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pointe Theo is better now She s eating again dating guys who are almost appropriate and well on her way to becoming an elite ballet dancer But when her oldest friend Donovan returns home after spending f

    Julianna Helms

    I saw the word "ballet" and went, meh.Then I saw "childhood friend's abduction" and went, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IFJIOJREJIJJWERIJGIEJROJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I think that says something probably wrong about me. :)


    I have mixed feelings towards Pointe and it leans closer to a 3.5 read. For one, it ended up being an incredibly heartbreaking, tragic, and important story. For another, it's well written with a compelling narrator who's a realistic portrayal of a teenager with a shattered self-esteem. And all of it is very very gritty. But, before you realize what it all has to do with the heart of the story, the book feels like it's dodging the real issue at hand with the introduction of tons of others. It kep [...]


    TRE-MEN-DOEn todos los sentidos. Es una historia mega dura, que nos enfrenta con una realidad distinta, pero lamentablemente, verosimil. Theo es una protagonista ejemplar. Más allá de sus traumas, problemas y enfermedad, es una de las protagonistas más sanas con las que me he cruzado en este tipo de libro. El final es simplemente brillante y liberador. Ojala hubiera más libros así, que enseñen a tener amor propio, autorespeto, autosuperación y plantarte al mundo, y menos dramones cargados [...]

    Elise (TheBookishActress)

    Some contemporaries are cute and fluffy. This is not one of them. This book is brutal, and emotional, and yet so fucking real. Pointe is a book about ballet and sexual abuse, but in some ways, it's really a book about finding yourself, no matter what you've been through. ♔ Theo is one of the most believable YA heroines I have ever read about. She's passionate and desperate to succeed. Shes insecure, but not in the “I'm beautiful and don't know it” way; her insecurities feel real, and would [...]


    Oh my good lord, this was so freaking good. It's such an unconscious subversion of pretty much every single trope and stereotype I've become exhausted of seeing in YA lately. It's neither a celebration of flaws nor a celebration of perfection, but rather successfully gets the point across that flaws do not eternally damn a person or his/her character, and perfection has its price and its cracks too. The characters within are just so believable, and real, and I love how morally gray it is in so m [...]

    Kate Quinn

    There is A LOT going on in this book: ballet, eating disorders, an abducted friend, and a potential love interest, but WOW every bit of it comes together and creates a complete portrait of what feels like a girl so very real that your heart can't help but ache for her. The author unravels the truth bit by bit, so that you get an idea of what's going to happen, but you keep reading white-knuckling the pages, hoping you're wrong, wanting a better ending and a happily ever after for Theo. This is a [...]


    Books that make me uncomfortable are always the hardest to rate. This is one of them.2015 is definitely the year of books that mess with my head and leave me conflicted.Up until 75%, I absolutely hated this. I was with Theo, watching her every wrong move and her mess-ups, as she spiraled further and further down.This is an extremely frustrating book. I couldn't stand our MC, she was so annoying that I wanted to DNF.Never has it been so difficult for me to care for a character. Theo is very flawe [...]


    (Source: I own a copy of this book.)This was an okay story, but I got bored.Theo was an okay character, but her actions and her thoughts didn’t quite marry up. She claimed to love ballet, and wanted to dance professionally, but then at the same time she was smoking – both marijuana and cigarettes, and drinking alcohol! Surely if she was that focused on ballet she wouldn’t be ruining her lungs smoking!The storyline in this just didn’t sit right. Right at the beginning we found out that Do [...]


    This is not a book about ballet. This is a book about coming of age and growing up too quickly, and about knowing when the right time is to tell the truth. Brandy Colbert really nailed it.


    Pointe looked like a great book but unfortunately, it wasn't.I didn't really like Theo. She really annoyed me when she said she didn't want to be "that kind of girl" but then thought it was okay to go around kissing other peoples boyfriends. I didn't get why she thought smoking and drinking would be a good idea when she wanted to do ballet. I've read a few books where the main character wanted to do ballet professionally, and they've all said that they needed a high lung capacity so why did Theo [...]

    Candice Montgomery

    In January of 2014, I wrote an entry to my own personal blog titled "Why I will probably not ever write a black main character." Let's get a few particulars out of the way. Yes, I'm black. No, I'm not selling you some ridiculous, slow-strokey, writer click-bait. Yes, at the time, I meant it.The article is, in my opinion, articulate. It's got some valid points, talks about obligation to culture and the responsibility of the task and also gets a little handsy with Baldwin and his personal aims as [...]


    3/10/2016Knowing what was to come in this book meant that I sped through it in a single day. It's tense and fast-paced and you just want to grab Theo and be like "GIRL. STAY AWAY FROM GUYS BECAUSE OH MY GOD NOOOOOO". I mean, (view spoiler)[her relationship with Hosea is written as all swoony and adorable. But, like, he treats her like shit and everything is on his terms and he's really not all that much of an improvement on her child abducting paedophile "ex-boyfriend". (hide spoiler)]I still lo [...]


    4.5. Theo is one of my favorite female characters in a long, long time. She's imperfect and rough and misguided and does a lot of really dumb things but she's also so real and authentic and tough and is in control of every single thing (whether that's good for her or not). And this is a story of learning how to trust herself. . . and trust others in the process.When best friend Donovan returns from being kidnapped years ago, things should slip back to normal. But actually, it's his return that b [...]


    4.5 stars My phone never rang again with calls from Chris or Donovan and I never stopped wondering what I'd done to deserve it. Well, I definitely underestimated the author and the overall story. This book is poignant, straight-forward, unpredictable and raw. I was so in love with the protagonist and her struggles and I wanted to protect her from the world. She represents such an authentic teenage girl that I felt for her even when i was completely outraged by her actions.Theo’s best friend Do [...]


    3.5 starsTheo used to have an eating disorder. When she learned about her best friend's abduction, she used what she ate - and what she did not eat - to get past the pain. A few years later, Theo has set herself on the right path: she has good grades, spends hours practicing to get into an elite ballet academy, and begins a relationship with a mysterious and attractive guy. But when Donovan, Theo's best friend, comes back home after years of being kidnapped, Theo must face the harsh realities sh [...]


    Oooooo I liked this one. It was dark and sad and heartbreaking and all I wanted to do was hug Theo and then shake the living daylights out of her for being so damn naive and stupid. But, unlike some female characters who are naive and stupid, I actually LIKED Theo. I wanted to save her. And most importantly, she was never boring, because beneath all that naivete there is a very smart, very determined, very awesome girl who I never stopped cheering for, even when I was shaking my head at her deci [...]


    Choqué demasiado con este libro. Fue leer y fruncir la boca cada dos por tres.Me ha pasado a lo largo de los libros que leí en mi vida que muchas veces no simpatizo con un personaje en particular. Pero casi siempre mi problema es CON el personaje, que tiene sus bases, su personalidad y es creíble. En este caso, choqué con la autora por cómo escribió a Theo. Ok, la chica no está bieno lo tengo claro. Pero de ahí a meterse con gente peligrosa, alcohol, drogas, anorexia y eso, me pareció c [...]


    A gritty contemporary; I am always glad to see such dark & mature themes appear in YA, no matter how heartbreaking it is. It is necessary, it is needed & these stories matter. POINTE focuses on Theo- a ballerina who has her world turned upside down after her best friend, Donavan, comes back after he was abducted 4 years ago. Theo discovers the man who abducted him- & she's got a connection to him as well. One that is sure to unravel & forces her to speak up.Since this book discus [...]

    Flor Méndez

    Gracias a V&R Editoras por el ejemplar. Reseña en el blog haciendo click acá desde el 4/2Hermoso libro, hermosa historia, hermoso desarrollo del personaje principal. Representa minorías y rompe tabúes, y nos hace entender que hay que tener los ojos abiertos porque no siempre "le pasa al otro". Un libro para debatir y tomar de base para muchas cosas que hoy en día se nos pasan por alto.


    3-1/2 stars, rounded upTheo’s best friend and next door neighbor, Donovan, disappeared four years ago, when they were both 13. Since then, her dedication to ballet has kept her focused. But then Donovan is found and returned home. He won’t see or talk to anyone, no matter how many times Theo tries calling. Theo’s carefully balanced world is thrown completely askew. To complicate things even more, Theo has a secret, something she hasn’t been able to talk about, either. And it seems to be [...]


    People fawn over the beauty of dance. The long legs and elegant shoes and expertly twisted buns. And it's not that they're wrong. Those are all part of the reason I was drawn to ballet at the age of three. But I'd be willing to bet those same people have never set foot in the dressing room of a dance studio. Because you can't quite look at it the same once you've been to the other side.Actual rating: 4.5 starsFun fact/personal story time: I was a ballet dancer for eight years. My mom is a ballet [...]


    The last time I cried while reading a book was during The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini for my Grade 11 English class. Sobbed is a more accurate term since there’s only been two books in my lifetime that really got me going. The second was Pointe by Brandy Colbert.I don’t often have the pleasure of reading a Young Adult book that has a lead black character who’s identity as a black individual is woven seamlessly into the story. The subtly taken to remind readers of her race with a comment [...]


    This is so damn hard to rate. The book was a rollercoaster.At first I was so excited about it because it: 1) Was about mental illness/ eating disorder-- which I hadn't read before, 2) Had a black female character as a lead. Seriously, I can only think about two books right now with black characters as a lead. Also, she had a black best friend and a mexican friend. 3) It had some mystery in it and I found it fascinating. I mean her best friend disappeared for four years. Comes back and it turns o [...]


    One of the few books I left un-reviewed, not because of laziness, disorganization, or some form of "I'd rather be reading than writing", but because it was too hard to verbalize accurately how I felt about it. The blurb is rubbish, but even to say why is to spoil things that shouldn't be spoiled. This is emphatically not because the author is trying to be super-clever and outsmart the reader for a Big Twist reveal. Rather it's because the reader is brought along with Theo as she slowly and painf [...]

    Sue (Hollywood News Source)

    I've been reading Pointe since last year, and it took me a lot of months to finish it. This is mainly because it tackles hard-hitting topics; I wish this book came along with trigger warning. Pointe explores body image, but mainly pedophilia and the abuse and power imbalance that is attached to it. I wasn’t aware this story is going to be about that which cause me a major setback. I’m anticipating a mystery thriller that isn’t as depth and jarring. I wish the publisher had been affront abo [...]


    4.5 stars. I LOVED this. My little sister has been dancing since she was about three years old and I've been fascinated by ballet since then. It's always been an intellectual fascination for me--I was into writing and acting and singing, not dancing--but you definitely don't have to be a ballet fan to enjoy this novel. It's not really about ballet. Theo being a black ballerina among a sea of white girls is what drew me in, not what made me stay. This is a gorgeous and deeply resonant story--it's [...]

    Latanya (CraftyScribbles)

    Pointe illustrates how #ownvoices creates a space for everyone's story to be told. Within the pages of this story, readers get a tale about a ballerina, who's not only black, but (view spoiler)[living with an eating disorder and sexual assault (hide spoiler)]. But, the focus isn't on her race; rather, the spotlight's on her inner turmoil of trying to become a successful dancer, juggle high school, friends, and guys. In the shadow of what should be normal adolescence, is the return of her friend, [...]

    Mia Siegert

    A one-day read. Absolutely marvelous book, certainly an almost five. I feel like this should be a must-read for ALL teenagers as well as parents (especially those with kids pursuing a professional track). It's heartbreaking but has the hopeful resolution that I think would encourage teens to speak out. Touching upon predators as well as eating disorders in one thing worked so well together. I'm also so glad that Theo didn't end up with the person I feared she would. Definitely a lot of girl powe [...]


    18/20Un thriller young adult surprenant, captivant, sombre et très intense. La séquestration, l’anorexie, la danse et l’exigence du sport… Tous ces sujets forment un mélange réussi et il est difficile de reposer ce livre une fois commencé. Une excellente lecture que je recommande.Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

    Diana Torales

    No se la recomiendo a cualquiera pero a mi me encantó! Reseña próximamente

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