Jun 04, 2020
an old song for wrong women (BlankVerseDead folio edition)
Posted by Pablo D'Stair

an old song for wrong women is a poem by Pablo D Stair, author of The Choice of Dogs and other poems

  • Title: an old song for wrong women (BlankVerseDead folio edition)
  • Author: Pablo D'Stair
  • ISBN: BVD1111112
  • Page: 233
  • Format: newsprint stapled folio
  • an old song for wrong women BlankVerseDead folio edition an old song for wrong women is a poem by Pablo D Stair author of The Choice of Dogs and other poems


    **ARC/GIVEAWAY**Honest review: I felt frustrated by this poem. I couldn't help but feel that there was a bitter thread of misogyny running through the words. Women do have complicated emotions, but no more complicated than men - it's irritating to read the same old crap about how "us women" sit on their problems forever instead of solving them. A bad experience is a bad experience. It's not okay to judge 50% of the world based on those experiences. Thanks for the giveaway, but the subject materi [...]


    Why all the hate, haters? 'An old song for wrong women' deserves a bit more love. Maybe a slap in the face and a burn-hole from a cigarette, but love nonetheless. But hey, I've always loved poetry, the crazier the better. This is a collection of short, numbered poems written honestly and lyrically, with some anger, some disgust, some vengeance, some apathy, some irony and I think some, I think I'll call it "If hindsight was 20/20 I'd probably still do the same damn thing just so I can write abou [...]


    Received this through First Reads Giveaways.First impression-Some of the individual lines in some of the poems really resonated with me. Will point out which ones later. However, the pointless repetition of seemingly random words really interrupted the flow and didn't add anything to the meaning of the poem, as it simply created incomprehensible half-sentences. And then there's the issue of the sexism. So, honestly, I'm really not sure what D'Stair thinks about women. His description of them in [...]

    Erma Steppe

    an old song for wrong women I have just finished reading this book for the third time. A friend of mine,Susie Spizzirro loaned this book to me to read at my leisure. I have read it three times i have arrived @ three separate conclusions. #1.I believed you disliked women. #2 I believe you have a unique understanding of the pain,suffering & the hurt that many women have suffered through.It appears that your insight into the everyday life of a woman is gifted w/a deep understanding of how we fe [...]

    Robert Zimmermann

    I received this poem late last week and finally found the time to get around to reading it today. I felt like doing a review on my first impression of the poem before a secondary, and I'm sure tertiary reading. From the beginning I was turned away by the use of repetition. It's a turn off for me with poetry; I'm learning to be able to work past it. As this was my first read I stumbled a bit. Upon reading "II" I felt a little better. Pablo's lack of punctuation throughout the entire poem can be a [...]


    Poetry is a genre that is sometimes hard to describe. Pablo De'Stair's language creates a strong image. It took me a few reads to find the clarity to explain this piece. It is the struggle of women through the good and the bad. They face each day looking at a myriad of tasks, things no one ever notices even though they happen day after day. This piece makes the reader notice the mundane in each day, to find the joy, and to find the pain. It is worth getting lost in the language.

    Valerity *

    I ended up enjoying "an old song for wrong women". Got it as a First Read from , my very first. I started off thinking this man must be a misogynist, but by the end, I came around to feeling perhaps he understands women and how they feel more than that. Maybe a great deal more. The look of the book was interesting also, the small newsprint folio edition was something new to me. I look forward to reading it again.


    A truly phenomenal work. D'Stair captures the language of movement. Sexual without being explicit. "ladies, flat tile kitchen, neckties unnoosed; ladies, wet hands, pictures unlooked; ladies, hands on our thighs and our backs turned behind us" And it continues. Never have i felt so much power packed into a folio. I eagerly await the rest of the series.


    I enjoy poems and read through them pretty quick. They were not my favorites but very deep and thoughtful. There is not much to say about this since there were only a couple of pages to read. I liked the quiet well and I have passed the booklet on to another friend who also enjoys reading any kind of poem. Thank you for the chance of reviewing this!


    Some of the poetry is quite dark. I feel like the poet was trying to convey that women who have been wronged never forget their experiences and store them up inside of themselves creating a shell that is impenetrable to society.

    Kim Castiglia

    Received this from a giveaway. This is not a book, but 3 pieces of paper folded in half and stapled together like my 6 year old makes. It does state this is a folio edition in the giveaway, just pointing this out. The most I can say about the poetry itself is that it is odd.


    This series of poems was very intriguing. An old song for wrong women, is not meant to be understood, instead the words themselves just stick in your mind like butter on bread. Pablo D'Stair has a very interesting take on women and his poetry has a very unique feel to it.

    Matt Margo

    "an old song for wrong women" by Pablo D'Stair is an enjoyable poem overall--there are numerous lines and stanzas that stand out with a nice blend of cummings-esque wordplay and Whitman-esque romanticism--but some sections are stronger than others. All in all, a quick and worthwhile read.


    I really don't know what to think of this collection of poetry. I want to like it, but something just rubs me wrong about pieces in it. I think I just need to read it a few more times and think more about it.


    I don't think this is for me cause I just didn't get it. It's a 12 page newsprint book with poems that repeat and repeat. I didn't feel the theme and the meaning. Maybe I should read it again. But I just don't get it!


    I received this book through a giveaway, and find myself agreeing on all points with this review: /review/show/ -- not sure where the writer was coming from on some angles, but enjoyed some of the language. An intriguing poem.


    I really didn`t get the poem at all and trying to read the first few pages nearly put me to sleep.

    Carol K.

    I won this booklet on anks for the opportunity to read these verses, but I couldn't figure out their meaningey just don't speak to me

    Susie Spizzirro

    I am sure this is a failing on my part but I did not understand this book. I do thank you for the book & will pass it on to others that may uderstand . Thank you.

    Lucy Furr

    I received this book for free through First Reads.Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, and sometimes terribly repetitive, but overall, a decent bit of poetry.

    Anna Doll

    This assortment of poems was very interesting to read. I enjoyed reading the poems by Pablo D'Stair and hope to read more of his work in the future.

    Noran Miss Pumkin

    Received this through First Reads Giveaways.


    These poems really didn't interest me much. Pablo's poetry just didn't suit me. If I understood right,I think his poems are about his bad experiences with women

    Shay Leszinske

    Dark poetry about women. I enjoyed number v.


    I received the book for free through First Reads.

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